Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wall Unit

This project was born out of need- a sprawling record collection threatening to take over our small living room. The records used to sit in an IKEA bookshelf that only used about half this wall space while the rest of the wall sat unemployed. I realize that you need calming dead space here and there, but it was a luxury we could not afford here. The metal posts were Nate's idea- a last minute call that added so much. I actually wish I would have used the poles in at least one more place, but whatever. The wood is all teak-veneered plywood with an oil finish, all joints are dado and glue (no screws, except to anchor it to the wall). Functionally speaking, this piece is worth its weight in gold, as it houses the records with room to grow and doubles as Luke and Graham's toy hub. We are running out of room for books though, so we'll probably have to revisit this situation before too long.

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