Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Entertainment Cabinent/Credenza

This project was my first attempt at mid century modern style furniture. We wanted a cabinet that was about a foot higher than a typical credenza because it was covering a hot-water heater closet, but we also couldn't go with a wall unit because we needed wall space for a projector screen above it (of course, I use the word "needed" quite loosely). We found a few items that were kind of in the ball park of what we wanted, but nothing that was quite right or anywhere near a reasonable price. Thus, after some convincing with my wife Jana (this was my first attempt at a project of this scale), I set about creating something that, as far as I'm aware, doesn't really exist- a mid century styled entertainment center, or a really high credenza with sliding doors and two drawers.

As my skills have improved, I've found more and more details that I wish I would have treated differently and flaws that could have easily been avoided. In truth though, this piece turned out way better than it had any right to be, and we still love it. It is constructed from 3/4 inch teak veneer plywood with solid teak legs. All joints are dado and glue except for the legs, which are screwed to the unit with wood plugs hiding the screw heads. This piece and the wall unit both made it onto the Dwell.com "show your space" site, for whatever that's worth. I tried to find a link but apparently Dwell doesn't do "show your space" anymore, so I'm guessing it's not there anymore.

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