Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Storage Bed

This bed was inspired by the many laments I heard about my previous bed that, as great as it was, it would be so much better if it had storage underneath. After months of brainstorming ways to add drawers without tampering with the basic design of the bed, I came up with this design.

Basically, when the drawers slide completely out, it's the exact same bed as before. When the drawers are in, they are hardly noticed, and since they are made from solid walnut like the rest of the bed, if they do get seen it's all good. The drawers slide both ways and slide completely out for cleaning.
My wife Jana still prefers all of the open space under our bed, but I think (and hope) that a lot more people are going to jump for the storage. We'll find out.

Thanks to Ryan for taking these great pictures for me- what a difference a real photographer can make.