Friday, May 13, 2011

Floating Nightstands

This nightstand design was born from the following question: if you strip down a nightstand to its most essential elements, what do you have? My answer: a small table for a lamp, alarm clock and/or book and a drawer for whatever you’d rather not have on display. From there I arrived at this design, sort of a night stand without sides, or a see-through night stand, or however you want to think about it. My favorite part about this design is the fact that the drawer sliding elements are inside the drawer, so that the drawer appears to be floating from all angles beside the back. The added bonus to this design is that, when stripped down as described, the nightstand becomes light enough to float off the ground, attached to the bed with 4 screws.

The bed and nightstands are from solid rosewood, and I also built a sweet candle chandelier from the same material (photos will be forthcoming). The drawers on the nightstands are solid rosewood (minus the bottom) as well. Also notable is the fact that the slats are reclaimed from the legendary Acres of Books bookstore in Long Beach, recently shut down. These slats once composed book shelves- pretty cool, right? Now I’ve got to figure out how to get all of this to Canada- wish me luck!

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