Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Designs, Models

I'm taking a furniture design class at Cerritos City College, and these are models of my first two projects.
The first project was for a table, so this is an idea for a cantilevered coffee table. The shelf is intended to store remote controls and/or magazines and is meant to be hidden from view, which it mostly would be unless someone was to purposely look under the table. Somehow my shelf on the model didn't end up parallel to the table top, but this is just a flaw in the model, not a strange design element. The model is 1/8 scale. Eventually I'd like to build this with rosewood legs and perhaps a contrasting top, like maple, or vise-versa.
The second project was for a case good, i.e. a piece of furniture that holds something. This is a credenza/entertainment cabinet. The fabric would hide speakers, and the shelves would hold a turntable, records, dvd player, etc. The doors would open like garage doors (vertically). I made them out of zebra wood on this model just for fun, but I actually really like the zebra wood next to the fabric. I don't know what species I'd use for the cabinet, probably something dark. The model is 1/4 scale. I can't wait to build this!

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